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Jun 03, 12:00 PM
magical location in the spanish mountain
5 days of spiritual activities, workshops, ceremonies, veggie food, nature, jamming, live music and ecstatic dance!

Family soul tribe gathering edition


Krystal Spiral’s Spirit

Krystal Spiral festival is born from the Divine winds of unconditional love. In this ascension time, life wants the soul tribe family to gather, join and raise good vibes!

The location of our spiritual festival is a real paradise…

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The perfect spot for integrating true krystal spiral geometries in our DNA, to clear, clean and reclaim the original kathara architecture of sacred life and so personally and collectively remember to be integrally sovereign, free, God. This joyful opportunity for Unity is given true 5 days of breathing technics, yoga, mantra singing, sweat lodge, workshops, cacao, rapé and shamanic drum ceremonies, DNA activation codes, guided meditations, intuitive healings, massages, healing area, kids corner, daily jams, concerts and ecstatic dance!

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We are very lucky and honoured to present you the amazing staff of the festival, the two main teams are the facilitators of the spiritual activities and workshops and the musical team with musicians, ecstatic dj’s and sacred singing workshops, some will do both, some are also part of the healing team… pass on the pictures and you’ll have an idea of all the magical proposals!

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Who is it ?

Mystery Guest

Illona Tschopp

Illona is a free spirit with a passion for the natural flow of life. Her vocation is to spread love, joy and happiness, with the people through classes, workshops, retreat or coaching. Illona has been a certified teacher since October 2016 and has been teaching yoga since December 2016, but additionally has qualifications in Positive Psychology and Integrative Nutrition allowing a fuller spectrum of tools toward self-empowerment in all scopes of life. She’ll share happy hips workshop, integrative nutrition and connection practices - with self - with others and the whole.


Vy is an intuitive energy and sound healer. A channel for activating and anchoring key codes of Light, bridging the ascension process from the 3D Earth. Trained in Chi Nei Tsang (school of Master Mantak Chia), in Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls, in Jikiden Reiki; practicing qigong, yoga, magnetism and sound healing. Vy will officiate the opening and closing cacao ceremonies of the festival, provide sound journeys, where vocal harmonics and Light Language are channelled, crystal playshops, light Language activations and codes and gridworks with crystals, stones, flowers, found objects such as feathers and leaves…

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Veronika, the Joyful creative lively Bhakti is a passionate yin yoga and yoga nidra teacher an intuitive energy-healing massage therapist who believes in the magic of the existence and the present moment. Here to bring a sense of connection and unification she will be guiding the collective OM CHANTING meditation. Love is meant to be shared. OM Chanting brings people together to share the positive vibrations of OM and their love for Mother Earth and uses the transformational power to self-healing potential of participants.

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Laurie Crystal

Laurie is a multidisciplinary creator who explores the Living over the course of Being. She likes to weave sensitive architectures allowing those who live them to access unknown parts of reality. She’ll share the ETHERNAL PRESENCE - INNER VASTNESS & ENERGETIC SPIRAL ACTIVATION workshop, The intention is the opening of infinite space of silence in Self (dance meditation), integration of notions of verticality and horizontality of inner Being, and spiralization of the physical body which allows a reset of the mental, and energy body balancing.

Laurie & Einki

Einki and Laurie recognized each other as soon as their eyes met, around a passion fruit nectar. They then shared a telepathic musical work, a love living beyond all will, common experiences in ancient Egypt, the wild plants picking, visual and musical creation, uniting their flames towards common horizons. They work for Love and are happy to embrace their talents to offer them to the world. They’ll provide us the workshop “Ethernal presence - From loop to love” a unification of different poles of Life in Self and their stable integration, to allow the Essence of each one to unfold out of time.

Virginie Brune

With Virginie Brune, get into the BodyBliss Space ... When dance becomes the ultimate yoga, and yoga the art of conscious body, each movement is breathed, offered and present to all that is. Tonic & Relaxed. A unique dynamic journey carried away by the sacred power of a transcendent exploration true the music and practice flows. Let's feel how it gives joy to the grounded body and the spacious heart, without words, judgment or substance, in all fluidity. Embrace your flow & play with it.

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Michael Shafron

Michael Shafron will share the “story project” workshop, Story is what makes or breaks a person, a relationship, a country or even an entire civilisation. It is the existential rocket fuel that propelled us from the animal kingdom into the dominating position we are in today, and it will determine who we are, and where we go tomorrow. Come with any story to tell, anything at all. Profound, intellectual silly, emotional… The Story Project was started in Ibiza 3 years ago, and has been experienced by more than 1000 people.  It is an experiment in total freedom of choice, and some have even said that they have become ‘enlightened’ from it...whatever that means. And that is a very funny story indeed.


Emmo gave his life to Christ in 2019, a turning point that invited many deaths, and consequently, the unbelievable joy of life in the eternal now. He’s currently dedicated to the study of sacred astrology and the recollection of its application in medicine, agriculture, biology, alchemy, and transpersonal psychology. True workshops of exploration of the 12 (+1) archetypes of creation through the lens of the Zodiac and the workshop of Christ avatar as the bridge between all worlds he’ll gladly contribute to the peace-fullness of all participants.

Avalon Tribe

Avalon is a tribe that have gathered together to serve life and help people all over the world to feel the sacredness of being alive. They contribute to the raise the consciousness of humankind, in order to create a world that is based on love, compassion and oneness. They will officiate a Rapé ceremony followed by a guided meditation and guide a Feminine and Masculine, open-heart sharing circle.

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Tamara Groen

Free spirit, natural healer of many paths of life. Tamara creates a container of FREEDOM, relaxation, trust and SAFETY. Touched by breathwork and tantra – which brought her back to herself – she followed several trainings to become a breath -and bodyworker. She had teachers such as well known Bassam Younes, Wilna Eenkhoorn, Wim Hof, Peter Clifford, Lin Holmquist and many others. She was one of the first breathing therapists in The Netherlands and will be glad to guide a breathjourney on the Krystal Spiral Festival, oxygen will flow rich and freely again, we will experience more vibrancy, energy and freedom!

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Zunthi (Spirit of the Wind). atypical shaman and iconoclastic evolutionary spiritual teacher, his motto is do as you want but do it thoroughly and if you get it wrong it's perfect too. Zunthi will share the The Chant of the Dragon Heart, Practical workshops in collective care: connects, feels, activates, balances and releases the energies of Vouivra. Teachings, song's, mantras and dance of elemental dragons.

Laura Hauriya Branco

Having grown up in the middle of the beautiful Swiss mountains, Laura Hauriya Branco is a young Dancer and psychomotor therapist based in Barcelona. Her passion lays with the heart spirit and movement; Laura feels committed to the calling of supporting each other in expressing their spirit. Laura will give body awareness sessions and body painting explorations!

Stéphane Geulleaume 

Stéphane Geulleaume aka Black Hawk is an artist, author and musician. Initiated in shamanic vision, ritual and ceremony in the USA and Peru, he loves to share the sweat lodge ceremony and shamanic trance music with like-minded people. Art and spiritual growth as a way of life!! Consciousness being conscious... Love, sharing and laughter as a method... Being one, being free...

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Aura Ananda

Aura Ananda is active on the scene of spirituality in the island of Ibiza during the last 29 years .
She is a spiritual singer, voice activator, Naad Yoga practitioner, Chamanic and Energy healer. She wants to offer her experience and knowledge of different forms and approaches to your voice and your freedom of expression in the new cosmical order of ascending humans . Unity in sound where there are no bounders and languages, the space of the total yoga.

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Paola was born in Colombia and moved to Madrid since 2000, well conscious of her multidimensionality, her constellation family is related to Sirius and Orion, linked with the arcturians and the green emerald light. She’s connected with the ethereal, cosmic, galactic and elemental realms whom are fully integrated in core, projecting pristine rays to harmonize the duality, trinity, polar energies within the body, the soul, the spirit, the mind, the heart, and the emotions. As a generous member of the festivals healing team Paola will propose Light Body - Healing & Regeneration of Physical Body and reconnection with angelic realms and the flow of abundance.


Oksana will be part of the healing team, she’s Holistic  Massage Therapist, in that approach we view body as a whole, recognizing inseparable connection between physical body, mind and spirit. Oksana practices "working with you" instead of "on you" approach and adopts her massage techniques as per individual needs and the body's response to her touch- combining deep tissue, relaxation, thai massage techniques with joint mobilization and gentle stretches. Oksana will also propose a honey flow yoga session.

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Meet Rino, an international qualified massage therapist that has been working in the field of manual and sound therapies since 1999/2000.  He combines different massage styles to allow him to have a more intuitive attitude in choosing the best therapy for the client. His style of work over the years has developed into a unique one, always changing, always evolving each time, each treatment. We’re lucky to count rino in the healing corner of the festival!


Kevin Frowein

Having been trained in several traditions, Kevin combines a synergy of martial arts, Chinese medicine, Yoga and Tantra. Offering vegan cuisine as chef of the Krystal Spiral festival he’ll contribute to offer the full experience of a holistic lifestyle. He is also a bodyworker and loves to heal and open the body with grace, fluidity and depth. Musician and singer, he also offers healing sound meditations and mantras. Curious, involved and aware, he invites you into an inner journey.

Aurore Sunrise

✧ Aurore Sunrise is a Light Worker, Solar Sacred Dancer, 5 Elements Alchemist, Cacao Devotee & Phoenix Rising. She strongly believes that Dance, Music & Sound are Medicine and help us to improve our physical, emotional health and well-being. Aurore will let our inner sun rise by sharing the solar sacred dance, an intuitive journey through body mind and emotion inspired by the 5 elements.

Ali Jalali Moghaddam

Ali Jalali Moghaddam is a Sufi healer and shaman specializing in shiatsu, reiki and magnetotherapy. He combines different techniques to achieve different results: relieve pain, invigorate or relax. Ali will be part of the ceremonial officiants, the healing corner and will brighten up the festival of his crafts made with love by his own hands.

Margot Bigorgne

Margot Bigorgne is a lover of love, a lover of life, a dancer and a musician, she’s always doing art to re-harmonise the energetic field where she is. Inspiration is everywhere, from the simplest to most extraordinary things. Initiated to Reiki during a trip in Morocco in 2016, and since then, developing an energetic work based on light codes, Celtic chamanism, and on the 12 Sacred Flames. She will share reiki healing, ashtanga and kundalini yoga sessions, dance and singing.

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Alex Enki, now known as "EINKI", presents a new project that ambitiously mixes ethnic / tribal tones from all over the world, combined with modern musical production, which invite to dance and travel. He’ll offer ecstatic Dance DJ sets and live performances as a mediums to share his Love for Music, to inspire people, and to heal with the power of sound frequencies and movement. Dance allied to music can help to change the world, by making human beings happier and more balanced, uniting people all over the world by reminding them of their true nature as multidimensional divine beings with infinite consciousness ...

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Baptiste Sakya

Baptiste Sakya is a Therapist and an Artist who spend the last 15 years sharing his Art and Music travelling the World. He Dj’s since he lived in Barcelona in 2001 and played all across the World such as Koh Phan Gan Thailand, Mexico, Guatemala, France, Spain, Portugal, United States and Canada. He is one of the instigators of Ecstatic Dance in San Marcos Atitlan Guatemala and Ecstatic Dance Paris where he is a resident Dj. During the Krystal spiral festival he will play his last favorite music for Ecstatic Dance and offer a workshop “Introduction to Thaï Massage”.

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Alex Serra&Totidub

Alex Serra & Totidub will officiate the music ceremony In the Real World with Na Lua Lab, Aina Lanas & Anitta Moon, it is a nomad and metamorphic Art project with Soul, Downtempo and Dub flavour. The intention of this Musical Ceremony is to open a Portal into the collective imagination, a place where time is Art and space becomes fluid. The music blends with the beautiful visuals by Na Lua Lab that guide you into this inner journey. Dancer Aina Lanas takes the trance to another plane with her hypnotic moves. And artist Anitta Moon turns the scene into a Nature artwork combining plants and lights. 

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Jordan Sery 

Strongly animated by Artistic Creation - music / writing - and by exploring our inner dimensions, Jordan will offer some compositions freshly designed by voice and handpan ... Universal vibrational songs that touch the Soul. He’ll also share the art of Meditative Travel which is a bridge between these two worlds. It is up to Heart to awaken consciences towards the opening of the Most Total Heart. Meditation, improvisation and intuitive chanting!

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Dj Nykkyo Energy
 Kryst Code Activation Dance set

Dj Go osh Eieyani “ dj Nykkyo Energy “ is an energy dj, divine tool creator, aura cleaning teacher and Kryst code activator, an activation & clearing dance expressed in ecstatic motion. Through The Absolute Harmonic Universe encoded subtle energy within the music, clearing distortions within the autonomy from aura attachments, karmic imprints, seals, activating the Diamond Sun DNA template, and aligning to Krystal Spiral, Kryst Code sequence. A complete group clearing and activation experience that impacts the collective Human Kind, each dance again!

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Hiburu is the primal seed language. The duet was founded in 2019 when Marcelo Schnock, musician and soundhealer from Argentina met Marta MC, transpersonal psychologist and energy healer from Barcelona. As soon as they started singing together they realized there was a connection of their spirit coming across through music and sound.Hiburu´s music is channeled from other dimensions and carries specific messages and energies for all of us. Through Light Language codes, listeners experience  high frequency vibrations that heal and transform the Soul. The magical duo will also offer a sound circle!

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Dj Saans lena

Steven is a musician &  Ecstatic Dance DJ,  he is also a SOMA instructor (ancient breathing techniques combined with music, makes this revolutionary meditation experience highly enjoyable, while also increasing your energy, health & wellbeing in minutes). Tribal, Electro-downtempo, Progressive, Techno, World music, Transe...  he will take you in an inner journey, through his musical guidance.Life is to short, Stop thinking, just Breath and Dance!

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Morgan Palmer

Morgan Palmer Hubbard is a yoga teacher, DJ, co-founder of the Agni Spirit Festival and director of the transformational retreat centre Amara Valley. Hailing from NZ, he has spent over a decade teaching, performing and developing events and retreats both in Spain and internationally. He will propose his new Antara Flow project that combines Synergy Yoga, binaural beat brainwave entrainment, breathwork and meditation to create profoundly deep state shifts in embodiment awareness.


Terrutopik, a collective of musicians attracted like divine bees by the absolute ... Straddling guitars, handspans, cheimbards, world flutes and percussion, this atypical duo transports us to a utopian land made of wild improvisations and chosen covers , a tribute to the great mystery of life.

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MayinKa is an adventurer of consciousness, a magician of Frequency and loves to share Life in it’s Full spectrum. He is a conscious Dj, dedicated to the manifestation of the True Reality. We are fortunate to have a common experience here on earth all together where the inspiration to be authentic with each other is the greatest gift. Music, Magic in its essence guides us to remember the Unity with All that Is. And guess what ? We are the Music. So let's Injoy who we truly are together, and realize that we are our Highest and Greatest Self as One.

Damian Paris

Damian Paris has been DJing for more than 20 years in numerous styles that today make up his eclectic Ecstatic Dance sets. His sessions create a sound journey, always luminous and full of harmony, in which rhythms and melodies from all corners of the planet merge. He is currently co-organizer and resident DJ of E. D Madrid and E. D. Ibiza Tribe. He also offers sessions and organizes Ecstatic Dance retreats in other cities in Europe and in numerous festivals.

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